Bordering Zolfo Springs is the town of Wachula, an energetic community rife with shops, stores, and restaurants.  Enjoy a bit of nostalgia while walking the streets of its well-kept of historic and picturesque downtown.

For the outdoor and nature enthusiast, you can experience day long canoe trips on the Peace river, or enjoy a walk through Horse Creek Nature Trail at Soloman’s Castle.


Local Attractions (reprinted from Visit Florida):

  • The Cracker Trail Museum & Village

The Cracker Trail Museum & Village includes a collection of historic structures;  the old Cracker cabin, post office, and blacksmith shop and offer a bit of history about the structure, its owners, and its purpose. The most prominent display in the village is the 1904 Baldwin steam locomotive #3. The “Loping Gopher” was the workhorse for a Live Oak lumber mill before finding a second career at Wauchula’s Revell Crate Mill before retiring in 1957.

For students of history, the Cracker Trail Museum is a fascinating stop. Open Monday-Friday from 9 to 5, you can examine more than 4,500 artifacts and memorabilia donated by local residents. Through displays and exhibits it pays tribute to the pioneer men and women who homesteaded the land and created the area’s cattle and agricultural industries, to the area’s natural history, and to the Indians whose land this was before being forced out.

The diverse collection include fossils, pioneer tools, citrus labels, farming equipment, medical instruments, spinning wheels, kitchen cabinets, preserves, archival photographs, and mementoes from the Civil War, World Wars I and II. Even better than looking at items that convey the world of the pioneers is hearing their stories. A video of oral histories gathered from the descendents of the founding families is shown daily.

  • Solomon’s Castle

Far removed from mostly anything, this speck on the map receives a surprising number of visitors. The reason why is that Howard Solomon built a castle here.  Seeing the woodlands as a canvas, the artist created Solomon’s Castle, which features more than 80 interpretive stained glass windows and numerous metal sculptures. Crafters, artists, and curiosity seekers come here to admire Solomon’s quirky work and puzzle out his motive. A gift shop, bed and breakfast, and restaurant are also here.